Seasonal Safety Reminders

As the seasons change, so should safety precautions you take for your dog’s wellbeing. Here is a list we’ve put together to help you safely transition into the longer days which mean more outside time. Yay!

  • The inside of your car can get up to 15 degrees warmer than the outside, even with open windows. People who drive pickups, especially with toppers, keep in mind the same fact. Dogs will die if not provided appropriate temperatures, ventilation and water. If you think it’s too hot to take your dog, leave Fido home.
  • If asphalt or sidewalks are too hot for your bare feet, they are too hot for your dog’s feet.
  • Bear spray and other combustibles blow up just like a bomb when left in heat. Remove them from your car.
  • Pesticides and fertilizers on crop lands and lawns can be poisonous to your dog. If you are fertilizing your own lawn be sure to buy pet-safe fertilizer.
  • Know there are areas where landowners have poisoned gophers. Not only is that ground poisonous but so is the dead gopher.
  • Distractions (deer, squirrels, etc.) will make your dog want to chase. You don’t want your dog getting lost, running across a busy road or finding a poisoned dead thing that could be a delicious snack.
  • People are still trapping coyotes and other livestock predators.
  • It is tick season. Prevent unwanted tick illnesses using Frontline. Essential oils such as lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, and cedarwood oil are known for their tick-repelling properties.
  • Snakes have emerged from their dens. You can investigate snake vaccines but the best idea is to avoid snake areas.
  • Condition your dog’s paws as needed. If they get dry and cracked find a paw cream you can nurse them back to health.
  • Carry extra food and plenty of water your dog as well as yourself.
  • Some dogs do not deal with thunderstorms or fireworks very well. Make a comfort zone for Fido at home and stay there with her. A crate your dog is used to or a dark room with her bed and blanket are good choices. Music that is calming to your dog, a fan or humidifier to provide white noise will also help. If you are hiking and get trapped in a storm, put your dog on leash and get to the car if possible. Otherwise find shelter while keeping your dog on leash at all times.

Know the area you are walking your dog but most importantly, know your dog.

Enjoy your summer and play it safe.